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Hellos! Landing Page development service
expands your business on to the global market

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What is Hellos! Service?

We specialize in product and
service web promotion on to the
overseas market.

We believe that communication starts from ‘Good Morning’,‘Hello’,‘Good Evening’ or a simple smile.
Through verbal and non-verbal communication people understand each other and can get along with each other. This is the common thing in private and business types of communication. In the business one it starts from understanding needs of a client through a dialogue, which leads to purchase the product or service. If you think about expanding on the global market, our team of the international professionals is here to create a landing page for your business solutions.Use ‘Hellos!’ – stay in touch with your customers!

Our Strong Points

Multilingual Translation

Hellos! Multilingual Translation service will help you to create just right message for your foreign customers. We do not do plain translation from Japanese to another language, but consider cultural differences when creating promotional content.


Nowadays, for many international landing pages videos and animations are very important elements to explain their products and services. Our professional members can create a proper good quality video for your business project for a reasonable price.

Responsive Design

It used to take a lot of time and cost to create responsive design pages, because many webpages were coded for each device. Hellos! Service uses programming techniques that allows to change the size of a webpage depending on a device in one coding program. With us you get your page on any device for low-cost.

Service Content

Minumum Plan


  • PR page (main page) + Subpages※1(3pages)
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Responsive Design(tablets,smartphones)
  • Contact Form※2



  • Animation type pictures conte creation
  • Filming(including localized filming)
  • Editing
  • Goods deliveries classified by usage(DVD,data,etc.※3)

Additional Service


  • Site Planning(PR Planning)
  • Multilingual translation(1 language – 100,000yen)
  • Photo shooting and editing,illustrations creation
  • Adding pages,press release support※3
  • ※1 Company profile and privacy policy are the subpages and will be adjusted to PR page design.
  • ※2 A file upload function is not included in contact form. In case it is necessary,it will be quoted separately.
  • ※3 It will be quoted separately according to a customer needs. Additionally,there are other options for goods delivery. Please contact the person in charge.
  • ※4 Additional Service will be quoted separately.

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